We are above the fold. We must answer 3 questions in less than 7 seconds: (1) Am I in the right place? (2) Is this going to be quick? (3) Do they have what I need?

Headline: I answer your browsers first question. Am I in the right place?

I'm a subheadline. Add more information that tells browsers exactly what to expect on this page.

Remove Friction Here. What happens if I press this button

We must answer these questions:

Does the header copy explain WHAT the product/service is?

Does the header copy match the pre-click ad or SERP copy?

Does the copy clearly call out WHO the product/service is for?

Is there a clear, visually dominant page goal that leads further into the funnel?

Easy-to-use navigation bar

Background graphic?



Who is your service for?

Tell browsers they're in the right place here

Does the copy focus on the acquisition of desired outcome(s) or the elimination of pain point(s)?


I tell people they're in the right place. 


I tell people they're in the right place. 


I tell people they're in the right place. 

Headline - What is their goal "today"

Are these desires / pain points described specifically and vividly?

Does the copy clearly bridge the product/service to these the acquisition of these desires?

Does the copy clearly explain what advantages the product / service has over other existing solutions?


Does the copy support claims of these advantages with objective proof points?

Does the copy support claims of these advantages with clear demonstrations and/or previews?

Tube Lights
Tube Lights
Tube Lights
“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text”

Josh Phillips
Company name

Are these testimonials/endorsements easily verifiable?

Does the copy clearly address conversion-critical questions from prospects?

Does the copy offer any guarantees or other reassurances to minimize perceived risk?

Does the copy include endorsements from customers who fit the target market?

Does the copy include impressive metrics that summarize the product's popularity?


Does the CTA copy focus on acquiring value or a desired outcome?

Is the CTA the most visually dominant element in the viewport?

Does the offer consciously maximize value and minimize cost, both visually and verbally?

Does the CTA copy make it clear what the user will get upon converting?

Does the offer include any time-sensitive incentives to increase urgency to act?


Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158


Tel: 123-456-7890

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Does the form include some copy that helps bolster the confidence & interest of the user at the moment of purchase? (i.e. a glowing testimonial, list of what you're getting, reiterate a risk-free guarantee, etc.)

Does the form ask for the least amount of information required to complete the transaction or qualify a lead?

Is the layout of input fields as simple as possible (single column, ideally)

Are the input labels easily and always visible (i.e. not relying on placeholder copy)?

Does the form avoid making the user start again if there's an error?

Does the page include any trust icons/logos for secure payment, etc.?